Do good and throw it
in the sea

We believe everyone should buy less, so it’s time to buy better.


hansa are simple and durable clothes and accessories, made with respect:

For nature and the sea,

For people who co-created our product at each stage,

For you, after all, you’re the one who's paying.


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When manufacturing our garments our main goal is to make clothes that will serve you as long as possible with reduced impact on the environment. Of course it's possible to do more than we did but there are some things we successfully did implemented. 


We don’t cut costs, we don’t make economies on people nor the fabrics, we treat our subcontractors well. So our products are not cheap.


Price What do you pay for?

The price is constant, based on facts

That's why we don’t run massive campaigns, sales, nor Black Fridays. Buy less, but buy better.

Produced locally

We make our garments in Poland, not pushing the production to the countries where you can do it cheaper at all costs.

Our cotton

Our crewnecks and t-shirts are made of organic cotton yarn from crops with no pesticides or artificial fertilisers. However, we can't use the certification our cotton yarn has in official communication as we process it (e.g. by dyeing) in places which have not obtained required certifications yet. We hope to change it in 2021. 

Working conditions

The yarn that we make out sweatshirts and t-shirts from is made in companies with safe working conditions, child labour prohibited and the right to organise respected.

Biodegradable raw cotton

That's what our bags are made of. First they serve you well, then they go back to Earth.


We share what we earn

In a quarterly cycle, 5% of our income goes to support the MARE foundation that implements projects in marine environment (especially those related to Baltic Sea) and related ecosystems protection.

Eco-friendly water-based paints

They're low in formaldehydes, and no heavy metals nor solvents that are harmful to people and the environment are used to produce them.



Kontakt z nami

If you have any questions
do not hesitate to contact us.

Kontakt z nami

We will do our best to reply quickly. But please do not forget we are small, independent company of pretty many e-mails and quite little time.

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